How it works

  1. Fill out the order form

    Provide us with your personal details and how much you wish to load from your One4all gift card. You don't need to load the full amount.

  2. Get your card details

    Check your email or SMS for your account number. Login securely into our online portal and reveal your card details.

  3. Start spending

    Use online anywhere the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed.
    Can I reload my card?

5304 4600 0000 0000

08/20 Card is valid 5 years from your application date.


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What is a virtual prepaid MasterCard®?

A virtual prepaid MasterCard is comparable to a normal prepaid MasterCard but you don’t get the physical plastic. Your virtual prepaid MasterCard is provided to you via our online portal with the following information:

  • 16-digit MasterCard card number
  • Validity date
  • CVV2 code
  • Name on the card

This information can then be used to make purchases online as you would with any other physical card.

We charge a small fee for loading

The virtual card is FREE. However there is a small fee for loading. Use the slider below to see our fee in action

Load 10 from your One4All gift card
You pay just a small fee of
  • Convenience

    Purchasing a Vplus virtual prepaid MasterCard is simple and instant making it one of the most effective ways to make online payments.

  • No Credit Checks

    Anyone can order a Vplus virtual prepaid MasterCard regardless of their credit history.

  • Widespread Acceptance Online

    Turn your One4all gift card into a card that can be used online anywhere the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed.

  • 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week

    With the Vplus virtual prepaid MasterCard you can shop anywhere, anytime online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.